Practice-led PhD research, presented at venues including Hastings Contemporary (2020), 155a Gallery with Warbling Collective (2020), Daphne Oram Gallery (2022), Drawing Room (2023)
The House Was Like Her

Some artistic research produced as part of fully funded practice-led PhD at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Public screenings include Venice Research Fellowship Symposium, Arts University Bournemouth (2021); Daphne Oram Gallery, Canterbury, UK (2022); The Primer Issue 01:Inflections (2022)
Window’s Edge

Window’s Edge explores the window as a digital-architectural threshold, using a dialogue between captured footage and animation to reflect on the role of the virtual mediator in our lives. The window becomes significant in this project not only as a framing device which contains and offers a portal to visual information intangible in person, but also as a virtual iteration of an architectural feature which frames the world beyond our walls. Drawings from Street View-facilitated journeys between Venetian frescoes are interspersed with images created looking through the windows whose rooms I inhabit. Animation forges imagined paths between each glimpse, while layered window-scapes offer up constellations of tensions in spaces between interior and external worlds. In creating moving images within these spaces, the deadened, mediated, unreachable world can be reanimated, and the edges of the ways in which we might be trapped are offered up for exploration.

Wall drawing with ceramic, Daphne Oram gallery, Canterbury, 2022
Palm to Palm, the backs of hands, the backs of fingers, the thumbs, the tips

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